Pub 222 Breakfast

Pub breakfast is Served all day! All breakfast served with choice of toast or English muffin.
Add bacon or sausage for 1.99

Three Egg Omelet

Stuffed with anything you want!
Choice of one meat one vegetable and one cheese. Served with shredded hash browns. 8.99

Two Egg Breakfast

2 eggs any style served with hash browns and bacon 7.99

Pub 222 Skillet

Two eggs any style served over hash browns with diced onions, green peppers
and topped with melted American cheese. 8.99

Classic Steak and Eggs

A USDA Rib EYE steak served with 2 eggs any style over hash browns 10.99



Pub 222 Restaurants / Bars: 222 W. Main Street, St. Charles, IL 60175